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Ecommerce Fulfillment

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Ecommerce fulfillment is the entire process involved in receiving, processing and delivering orders to the final consumer after they have ordered online.
fulfillment service is a third-party logistics company that provides these order fulfillment steps on behalf of another party.

These general definitions can apply to many types of orders, from large business-to-business orders, to the individual consumer or B2C

International 3PL has been the choice of many companies for their order fulfillment services.

Ecommerce Fulfillment in a Nutshell


Count each item to ensure the actual number of items matches the number of items ordered from the supplier(s)

  • Inspect the inventory to see if any items have been damaged
  • Add SKUs to warehouse management software in order to keep track of the location, counts and number of sales of each of your items
  • Apply SKU or bar code labels if they do not already have them

Inventory Storage

Once inventory has been received, counted, inspected, labeled, and added to your warehouse management software, it is time for it to be shelved.

Proper inventory storage is one of the most important aspects of maximizing the speed and accuracy of your order fulfillment operations.

Order Processing

So now your inventory has been inspected, sorted and placed on shelves in the warehouse. Next comes order processing.

The first step in processing an order is receiving that order.
Once the order has been received by your warehouse, the individual items that make up that order are then picked off the shelves by warehouse staff. Transported to an order packing station. The packing station will go through a series of quality control checks, determine the best packaging materials, scan items, add packing slips and any inserts, seal the box, and then move it to the shipping station.


After an order has been picked and packed, it is moved to a shipping station to prep it for delivery to the end customer.
The Shipping station will then prepare the order for shipment using the most economical way and according to requirements by the shipper.

Returns Processing

We handle all RMA requests and accept returns by customers should the need arise, we inspect the goods make sure they are in good order and place back on the shelf. damaged goods are handled according to shipper guidelines.

Off Course the whole process starts by souring the product, purchasing it and also shipping Utilizing the services of a freight forwarder or logistics company

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