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Ocean Freight Services

Ocean Freight Services

Ocean Freight Services are the most common way of getting goods from point A to Point be. A 5PL adds a new levels of party logistics. It is involved in managing shipping rates, giving the business owner the freedom to focus on his core competencies. Spending your time negotiating rates and looking for the best deals out there could take a lot of time . Most businesses have diversified logistics spread across a variety of providers. For example, you may have a different provider for different types of products, multiple warehouses, a few 3PL and 4PL firms, different regions, etc.

We, at International 5PL , can and will negotiate the best rates on your behalf. Our relationships with many freight forwarders and shipping companies gives us the ability to recommend the best solution possible.

We work with our client’s freight forwarders or recommend new ones if needed. We focus on long term relationships. It is important to make sure that the goods are delivered on time as it affects the final. delivery to the end use. Your freight forwarder will offer you the lowest rates without paying attention to your specific needs of getting the product to your warehouse on time. In this case, the result is loss of business. Scheduling the arrival of your cargo is key to your company’s success.

We all have seen the delays in shipping caused by the pandemic. Many companies suffered huge losses because their supply chains or more specifically their freight forwarders lacked the resiliency to meet the challenges. Our clients were able to weather the storm because we know the shipping business and its challenges.

Recommending and specifying which ocean freight shipping company to use is our specialty. Not all shipping companies are created equal.

In recent months, space availability has been scarce and rates are high, you can trust us to navigate through these difficulties.

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